Use Brand Safety to check if the environments in which your ad appears in conform to your brand

It’s no easy task to find the correct environment for your own advert. The increasing popularity of automated delivery systems means that the risk of an advert being placed in an environment which isn’t suited to the brand is even higher, or in a worst-case scenario, in an environment that damages the brand and compromises its credibility.

Safe Placements for Your Adverts

The Ad Attention Manager from Meetrics classifies and groups digital ad environments together and identifies reliable channels. If a compromising placement is identified, you will be informed immediately.


On every loaded page, Meetrics scans:

  • the URL and domain information,
  • the rate of block- or white-listed deliveries,
  • the contents according to defined categories and critical keywords, such as adult pages, illegal content promotion or violent content.

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Patrik Paroubek
Senior Sales Manager DACH

Meetrics GmbH – Headquarters Berlin
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